My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder Spearmint 30g


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• 100% Natural Teeth Whitening Powder
• Made from Certified Organic Ingredients
• Completely fluoride-free and vegan
• Average 150 Uses


Oral care has become an important part of your health. People neglect the health of their teeth which may lead to many gum problems. Charcoal spearmint toothpaste by My magic mud makes sure that your teeth receive the care that they deserve. It contains organic ingredients that refreshes your mouth and whitens your teeth effectively. The activated charcoal made from premium ingredients is what you need for daily care. Buy this product and smile beautifully. It is a great charcoal treatment powder for your teeth.

Brush teeth gently for 2 minutes. Rinse slowly and spit in trash can or very close to drain, or spit in the shower. Rinse your mouth afterwards several times or leave in over night and let this product fully detox your mouth

Calcium Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Spearmint Extract Powder*, Pure Cacao Powder*, Turmeric*, Non-GMO Xylitol, Stevia. *Certified Organic