2kg Xylitol


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• 100% Natural Xylitol Sweetner
• Looks and tastes like sugar
• Simply replace sugar with Xylitol 1:1
• Xylitol is sugar free, gluten free, fair trade, dairy free, Low GI and Vegan
• Includes FREE Shipping Australia Wide


Sugar (sucrose) is one of the most damaging substances that you can ingest – and what’s terrifying about it is that it’s just so abundant in our everyday diet. This intense addiction to sugar is becoming rampant, not just among adults, but in children as well.

The effects of sugar on your body
• Sugar causes tooth decay
• Sugar overloads and damages your liver
• Sugar tricks your body into gaining weight and affects your insulin and leptin signaling
• Sugar causes metabolic dysfunction
• Sugar increases your uric acid levels

What is Xylitol?
Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from the fibrous parts of plants. It is sugar free, gluten free, fair trade, dairy free, Low GI and Vegan.

It modifies the saliva in your mouth so that eating meals, desserts and candies flavoured with Xylitol not only do not cause cavities but prevents cavities by promoting the remineralisation of tooth enamel.

Every teaspoon of Xylitol also contains 40% fewer calories than sugar and 75% less carbohydrates! It is also so slowly absorbed that it has almost no effect on blood sugar levels for people who have diabetes.

Some of the Amazing Benefits of Natural Xyliol Sweetner
• Great for low GI diets & diabetics
• Helps maintain healthy teeth & fights tooth decay
• 40% fewer calories than sugarAssists with weight loss
• Assists with detoxification
• Is a powerful anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory
• Assists with preventing infections & diseases